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Our last meeting was held at the home of John & Janine Walkinshaw in Walnut Creek.  It was a wonderfully warm evening for holding our meeting.  We had about 35 people in attendance and Janine’s hors d’oeuvres table was greatly appreciated.  Our thanks go out to the Walkinshaws for their efforts after having gratefully switched with another host family at the last minute due to a conflict.  Thank you so very much.

     Our speaker was Montgomery (Monte) Paulsen and his able assistant Gigi Benson.  Monte brought along a full case of wine to pass around during his presentation.  That was also greatly appreciated.  Monte, nudged occasionally by Gigi, described a lot of the variations on how a home winemaker can become a professional, in a business sense.  I don’t think that I ever knew all of the variations, difficulties and administrative roadblocks that get in the way of someone turning pro.  Monte did a great job of laying out many different options that an individual might want to pursue with as little as a 60 gallon barrel of wine.  A winery doesn’t have to make a huge amount of wine to be able to sell their wine.  Monte’s family sold the Pat Paulsen Vineyards in Cloverdale about 20 years ago and currently owns zero acreage in grapes.  All of the wine that he currently sells is from fruit that he has sourced throughout the state of California.  Overall, it was a great presentation and we really appreciated Monte and Gigi taking the time to talk to our group.  Our thanks go out to him for making that effort.

     I just sent out a feeler to the Secretary of GENCO (Garage Enologists of North County) in Sonoma County.  I’m asking them about a joint meeting of our two groups, perhaps at a winery or a city park up in their area.  The CCWG has typically had an “outing” during the month of August.  We gave up on barbecuing but still do hors d’oeuvres and desserts plus bringing along some of our home made wines.  We tried a get together with them in May but just couldn’t work out the details as they were coming to the Livermore Valley during the week and had very few holes in their schedule while here.  I hope to have more information for you all at the next meeting but am actually “dumping” this on our Wine Czar and Treasurer (see the next paragraph).

     The newsletter is being published “early” as Michele and I depart on a Scandinavian cruise on Wednesday, July 8, 2015.  We’re booked on the Viking Star with Viking Ocean Cruises and will cruise the Baltic for 15 days.  We return on July 25th, in time for the next CCWG meeting.  So, be sure to mark your calendars for that meeting.

     Our next meeting will be held on Friday, July 31, 2015, starting at about 7:00 p.m.  That meeting will be held at the home of Dan and Marianne Boykin at their home in Concord.

    Tom Olson and long-time CCWG supporter, Maria Terry, Sommelier and owner of La Sommeliere in Pleasant Hill will be preparing a food and wine pairing for all to try.  The white wine is being donated by Bill English, the red wine by Donna Guedon and the dessert wine by our host, Dan Boykin.  As most of you know, the 3 wine donors are easily among the best winemakers in our group.  Their wines are fabulous.

DIRECTIONSFrom the North:  While on Highway 680 South, take the Willow Pass Rd. exit (Exit #51) and turn left onto Willow Pass.  After 1.4 miles, turn right onto Galindo St.  After 0.5 miles, turn left onto Cowell Rd.  After 1.7 miles, turn right onto Kaski Lane.  Take the second right onto Browning Drive.  Take the first left onto Kipling Ct.  The Boykin address is 1057 Kipling Ct. and their telephone number is (925) 689-7296.

From the South:  While on Highway 680 North, take the Treat Blvd. exit (Exit #48) and merge right onto Treat  Blvd.  After 4 miles, turn left onto Cowell Rd.  Turn left onto Kaski Lane.  Take the second right onto Browning Drive.  Take the first left onto Kipling Ct.  Again, the Boykin address is 1057 Kipling Ct. and their telephone number is (925) 689-7296 should you get lost.
The meeting, again, will be held at the home of Dan and Marianne Boykin starting at around 7:00 p.m. on Friday night, July 31, 2015  I hope to see lots of you there.

Things to bring:  1) a bottle of wine for the hors d’oeuvres table; 2) a wine glass; 3) a folding chair; 4) a light jacket if it turns chilly.  This should be a great meeting!

Respectfully submitted, Al Turner, Secretary, CCWG