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Aug. 2017
The Contra Costa Wine Group IS currently accepting
applications for membership. To apply for membership please contact;

Alan Turner

Tell Al you want to be a member and ask for the details. 

Board of Directors for 2017

  • Wine Czar (President) Bonneau Dickson
  • Secretary-Alan Turner
  • Treasurer-Lee Wines   

CCWG has an outstanding program committee. The dedication of these volunteers is what makes the CCWG monthly meetings so educational and entertaining.

Their purpose is to put together meaningful, educational and entertaining speakers for our monthly meetings.

If you have an idea for a meeting or can refer a speaker to them, just click on one of the names and send them an email telling them about your idea!

Program Committee

  • Chairperson- Rupert Perera 
  • Matt Wood 
  • John Walkinshaw

This website was constructed by CCWG member, Michael Parker. If you have a comment, suggestion, correction or bug notification for the website, email him at  




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