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January 2018 CCWG Newsletter (Addendum)


I got most of what I wanted to say out to you in the original newsletter but forgot a couple of things that you need to be aware of.

First off, I want to thank Jim and Debbie Sawin of Walnut Creek very much for hosting our annual Nouveau Night.  There were great hors d’oeuvres and lots of room for everyone to maneuver around in.  Bonneau estimated for me that there were around 70 people in attendance for this event.

There were 17 White/Rose wines entered along with 38 Red wine entries.  That’s a very respectful number for our group.  16 of the 17 White/Rose entries got votes.  That tells me that we have some really great winemakers.  33 of 38 Red wines got at least a single point, good enough that someone thought that they were the Third best wine that they tasted.  Not too shabby considering that many of them hadn’t finished Malolactic Fermentation, perhaps had no oak, etc., etc.  The winners below will be receiving a suitable for framing certificate at the Potluck Dinner on January 20, 2018.  Those winners are as follows:

                                                White/Rose Wines

Honorable Mention (tie)          Dave & Lisa Arango           Grenache Rose

Honorable Mention (tie)           Bill Rose                             Pinot Grigio

Third Place                                Steve & Susan Abbanat    Rose

Second Place                            Tom Olson                          Viognier

First Place                                 Tom Olson                           Chardonnay

Red Wines

Third Place                                 David Hicks                        Petite Sirah

Second Place                             Steve & Nate Herz             Cabernet Sauvignon

First Place                                  David Hicks                         Cabernet Sauvignon

Congratulations to all of these winners.  A great evening was had by all in attendance.

I still have heard from no one about volunteering their “Large Home” for either the Friday, February 23, 2018 or Friday, March 30, 2018.  Please step up and help out your group.  Call me please.  I’m “begging” you!

To all of you scheduled to help out during the judging on Saturday, January 20th, per a past judge’s request, please wear no perfume or cologne to the venue.  Those sensitive noses need to be smelling only wine, no conflicts.  Thank you.

      Plan on bringing your own place settings, silverware, wine glass, napkins, etc. to the dinner.  If you forget, there will be a minimal amount of plastic ware, paper plates and paper napkins available. The church also has a few crappy little wine glasses for your use.  Don’t forget about your guests!

   Be sure to call Ben Weikert at (415) 810-8261 to insure we have a seat for you.  He’s our “controller” and is aiming for 40% Hors D’oeuvres (delivered no later than 6:15 p.m. on Saturday, January 20th), 40% Entrees and 20% Salads.  We’re nearing the point that he’ll have to direct what you need to bring.  Don’t delay! (Judges need bring no food but, we need to know if you’re coming, the number, and put a place setting in your car).

     I continue to ask that everyone is made aware of “wine tasting etiquette” (that is woefully not adhered to by many people in wineries across America).  This quote is from Rosenblum Cellars and I find it especially apropos: “Be courteous to others who wish to taste.  After receiving your pour, please step back from the tasting table to do your personal evaluation.  Others can then step forward to receive a sample of the wine.”   Please be sure to inform your guests as well.  You don’t want to get yelled at, do you?

   Get your wine entries to one of the drop-off homes, soon please.  The cut-off is Monday, January 15th- MLK Jr.’s Birthday.  I currently have 20 entries, Bonneau 12 or so and Ron Peck had 8 at last count.  That tells me that there are still a lot of you that need to get it together and get them entered!

    Again, Mike Orton of the Valley Vintner is again collecting entries for WineMaker Magazine’s International Amateur wine judging.  There will be designated boxes under the name tag table at St. Paul’s Episcopal for those entries.  You’ll need two checks; one goes to WineMaker ($25.00 per entry) and the other the Valley Vintner ($5.00 per entry).

   For those “newbies” that know nothing of the judging/potluck venue, here are the directions:

LOCATION: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall at 1924 Trinity Ave. in Walnut Creek.  From the North, take Highway 680 South to the North Main St. exit (Exit 47), taking the North Main St. South Ramp.  After about half a mile, take a slight right onto N. California Blvd.  After about another half mile, turn right on Trinity Ave.  There will be a large parking lot on your left.  The Parish Hall is on the right side of Trinity Ave.  From the South, take the Olympic Blvd exit (Exit 45B) and turn right onto Olympic Blvd.  Turn left onto South California Blvd.  Turn left onto Trinity Ave. and follow the instructions above.

   I’m hoping for another extremely successful event.  Let’s make it happen.

Respectfully submitted,

Al Turner, Secretary, Contra Costa Wine Group (925) 837-9384

2010, 2011, 2015, 2016 & 2017 WineMaker Magazine’s (International) Club of the Year